Bumper edition: reviews galore!

I’m catching up with my blog after an extended period of neglect. Here is a rundown of my summer’s reviewing:

In May, I reviewed Obsidan Tear at the Royal Opera House – a world premiere choreographed by Wayne McGregor: http://bit.ly/1Ufz3Bk

No Body at Sadlers Wells, was a dance performance with no live dancers. One of the most interesting theatrical experiences I’ve had this year: http://bit.ly/25YtZJO

In June, I wrote an article about Ignition Dance Festival 2016 – a platform for emerging choreographers in Kingston: http://bit.ly/1UalG9D

I was back at Sadlers Wells in July to review Vamos Cuba. High energy and bursting with sunshine: http://bit.ly/2caahJo

And finally, at the end of August, I reviewed Irina Kolesnikova in Her name was Carmen: http://bit.ly/2c2ZeNt


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